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How To Remove An Oil Stain From Your Block Paved Drive

Tools You Will Need


  • Oil stain remover

  • Gloves

  • Nylon scrubbing brush

  • Hose or pressure washer



So, you have a dreaded oil stain on your block paved driveway and want it gone. Oils stains can be quite difficult to remove but with the right knowhow can be removed.

The longer the stain has been on the paving, the hard it will be to remove so its always best to try and remove the oil as soon as possible.

Step 1


Simply pour the oil stain remover over the full stain making sure the whole stain is fully covered. Don’t be shy with the oil stain, give it a good amount to make sure the blocks are fully soaked in the treatment.


Step 2

Its advised to wear your gloves at this stage.

Once your gloves are on get its time to get to work.

Grab your nylon scrubbing brush and give the stain a really good scrub.

You will notice the oil stain remover start to foam and in some cases, turn brown, this is a good sign so just carry on scrubbing the treatment into the block paving ensuring you have scrubbed the whole stained area.

Step 3

Allow the treatment to work, this is the ideal time to grab a cup of tea or coffee.

Some oil stain removers state they work within 10-15 minutes were other need a little bit longer.


Step 4

After leaving the oil stain remover to work it’s now time to rinse the treatment off. If you have a pressure washer simply rinse the block paving off until all the foam has gone. If you do not have a pressure washer there simply use a hosepipe with a spray gun/nozzle.


Step 5

When wet it may look like the oil stain has gone, its only when its dry you will be able to tell if it has fully worked. If there is still a slight stain present once the paving has fully dried you can repeat the process to achieve your desired results.


See below a short video showing the process step by step.

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