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It is advised to wear gloves, mask, goggles, boots and suitable clothing at all times when applying block paving sealer. We recommend applying two coats of block paving sealer leaving at least 2 hours between applications. Use 4" paint brush to apply block paving sealer to borders. 


Smartseal Block Paving Sealer can be applied using a sprayer unit or roller, at a rate of 2.5m2 per litre first coat and 3.5 m2 per litre second coat. Two-coats are best applied for optimum protection.

Smartseal Block Paving Sealer will be tack free within 2 hours at 20°C and foot traffic may be permitted after 4 hours. Vehicles should be kept off the sealed area for a minimum of 24 hours at 20°C.

PLEASE NOTE: The times above may be increased or reduced depending on the ambient temperature.

Smartseal block paving sealers will give many years of protection to the surface, but it is recommended to apply a single top up coat of block paving sealer every few years.

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